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Gary & RuthGary and Ruth and their friends will bring you free audio stories of the Tales of our Ancestors that you can download.

The Celtic Myth Podshow will tell you ancient tales and legends of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Brittany and the Isle of Man bringing you the bravery of heroes and heroines, the magnificent pantheon of gods and goddesses and the magic and wonder of druids, faeries and folklore.

The stories weave together the rich, beautiful tapestry of mythological history, battles and sagas of the Celts.

So sit down, get comfortable and join us for news, chat and a story from Celtic Mythology.

Come and join Gary & Ruth and their friends as they tell you the great stories from Celtic legend. The series started with the Book of Invasions from the Irish Mythological Cycle, which is now complete, and we're well into Welsh Mythology and have nearly finished the First Branch of the Mabinogion.

There are also Special episodes that you can find sprinkled about. Interviews, Music Shows, Modern stories and artists are all featured so that we can support for today's Celtic Community.

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Celtic News

The Shee or Fairies and their Dwellings The pagan Irish worshipped the side [shee], i.e. the fairies , or earth-gods, or elves. These side are closely mixed up with the mythical race called Dedannans, to whom the great majority of the fairy gods belonged. According to our bardic chroniclers the Dedannans were the fourth of the prehistoric colonies that arrived in Ireland many centuries before the Christian era. They were great magicians, and were highly skilled in science and metal-working. 16 April 2015
The Mythology of the Green Man Green has been known for untold ages as the color of the fairy. Green was so universally recognized, as the color of the fairy that many in Scotland refused to wear it as to do so would be to invite the anger of the fairy folk. “Greenies” and “greencoaties” were common euphemisms used in Britain for the fairy. Green was a color shunned by many as being associated with evil fairies and witches. But why green? Green is also associated with nature, with ripening life, with fertility and that is the reason. 17 October 2013
Fairy Seelie Courts and their Folklore In Scottish folklore, fairies are divided into the Seelie Court, the more beneficently inclined (but still dangerous) fairies, and the Unseelie Court, the malicious fairies. While the fairies from the Seelie court enjoyed playing pranks on humans they were usually harmless affairs, compared to the Unseelie court that enjoyed bringing harm to humans as entertainment. 25 May 2013
Druid Rhetorics from Ancient Irish Tales While the ancient Irish tales abound with warriors and kings (not to forget Queen Medbh!), another figure at almost every turn emerges to out- rank them. Usually referred to as the “druid”, this person upon closer inspection is seen to be not any stereotypical wizard with his potions and paraphernalia, but a poet who, instead of having to memorize rote “secret spells”, produced spontaneous verse often in a deliberately archaic diction. 21 January 2010

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