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Month: October 2015

Nimue Brown talks about Facing the Ancestors

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Druidry and the Ancestors is a book that I have read and found to be very stimulating. Nimue takes us very skillfully around what we do actually know about our distant (and recent) ancestors and what we don’t. She ask important questions like how are we affected by the differences between ancestors of Blood and Ancestors of Tradition. This book is well worth a read. We are very proud to feature a Guest Blog by Nimue about her own personal search for meaning in relation to the Ancestors and what prompted her to write this fascinating book. Full details of how to get hold of the book can be found at the end of the article.

Facing the Ancestors by Nimue Brown

I’m not a historian. Back when I was first learning about Druidry, this didn’t seem to matter. I had a vague impression that other people knew. Out there, someone held all the truths and wisdom about the ancient Druids. As I learned more, I would be able to access more of that. I didn’t really feel much need to be the one holding the history, I was more interested in the bard path. But, there was going to be ancient wisdom eventually, wasn’t there?

Somewhere early on in the OBOD course, and reading Ross Nichols’s book on Druidry, the sneaking suspicion started to creep in that there wasn’t. Everything on offer seemed more recent, for a start. I picked up a few history books, and I started really thinking about things. Then eventually I got round to Ronald Hutton’s Blood and Mistletoe. Any lingering illusions that someone, somewhere else still held the wisdom of the ancients, melted away from me. I confess I felt lost and bereft, and reading the book took me into a grieving process. I went through all the anger and denial of normal grief, and eventually found my way round to a place of quiet acceptance.

What we know with any certainty about the activities of the ancient Druids, is very little. There’s plenty we might infer and surmise from various sources, but that’s not the same as knowing. There were Druids, they did…. Something. Probably not what I want them to have done, either.

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Pagan Portals: Irish Paganism by Morgan Daimler

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Once in a Blue Moon a book comes along that truly opens your eyes. Pagan Portals: Irish Paganism by Morgan Daimler and published by Moon Books is just such a book. It is a short book that covers a lot of ground in explaining Irish Reconstructionist Polytheism with one foot firmly planted in solid research and the other in personal spiritual experience. Celtic Reconstructionism (or C.R.) is one of those “hot potatoes” in modern neo-pagan circles with heated arguments and misunderstandings being tossed back and forth with great passion. This book is one of the few books on the subject that faces these issues head-on and stands out as a well-thought out, well-written and cooling breeze that makes the subject clear, vibrant and exciting. As far as we are aware this may be the first introduction and reference work for reconstructing Irish Paganism as a modern day study and practice.

The author, Morgan Daimler, is renowned as both a scholar of Old Irish and the ancient Irish texts as well as a modern priestess and devotee of the Irish Gods. Her relationships with the Morrigan, Brighid and the Sidhe (the Fairy Folk) have lead her to write excellent introductory texts on each (see the links below) and this book is a very informative introduction to the world of Irish Paganism. Morgan Daimler has given us an excellent, honest approach to reconstructing Irish Paganism, dispelling common misconceptions and explaining the path in simple easy-to-read terms.

So What Is Reconstructionism?

In the words of the author:

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Handles of Lavau Cauldron

Update on the Lavau Cauldron Iron Age burial site

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It was reported back in March 2015, that there had been some very interesting news from France where archaeologists working for INRAP have found the remains of a magnificent bronze cauldron. It was discovered inside a large burial mound, which dates from the 5th century BC. Most likely the final resting place of a local Iron Age aristocrat, the mound measures approximately 40m in diameter and is located near the small village of Lavau, in northwestern France.

Although the excavation is still ongoing, the central burial chamber is starting reveal some of its treasures. The most impressive of these to date is a very large bronze cauldron, which is most likely of Greek or Etruscan manufacture. An item of great prestige, the cauldron reflects the very high status of the person interred inside the burial mound. The cauldron measures approximately 1 m in diameter and has four handles which are decorated with bronze heads that are thought to represent the Greek god Achelloos. Further decorative motifs are found around the rim of of the vessel, including eight lion heads. Inside the cauldron lies a ceramic wine vessel (oniochoe) that is decorated with an image of Dionysus.

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Celtic Myth Podshow News Blog is lost

500-errorRegular visitors to our News Blog may have noticed that we’ve had a problem – the News Blog had disappeared!

We discovered to our dismay that our Blog had vanished and after some frantic consultation with our Hosting Company, we were told that our Blog had been hacked and our data lost. All of our previous posts have disappeared into the ether. We are not very impressed with their security or with their offer to go back to a much earlier site Backup at a price that we couldn’t afford.

We are going to search for a more reasonably priced and much more secure solution but, in the meantime, have reinstated the News Blog as best we can. We’ll try and do daily backups of the posts so that we have a local copy of all of our data in case it happens again.

Please accept our apologies for any confusion.


Grainne Uaile still

Grainne Uaile, the toughest Pirate Queen strides out of Irish History

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This winter “Grainne Uaile – The movie” will be released from its ship in Ireland and sailing the festival circuits. A 3 hour epic, written and directed by Ciaron Davies and starring Fionnuala Collins as the infamous pirate queen, the movie was shot on location all over Ireland, North and south, on land and sea.

A violent and gritty retelling of the life of Grainne Uaile, the 16th century Pirate Queen from Ireland. She was a fighter, a pirate and a tough woman, carving her mark in a mans world. Director Ciaron Davies said:

We wanted to create a strong female driven movie. Often women in film are seen as the victim or the love interest. This movie is different. Grainne is
tough, brutal, uncompromising and intelligent. She is also feminine and stylish. This is a very empowering female. The men in the world around her are all uniquely interesting, helping to create a rich tapestry of life in 16th century Ireland.

Bring a sword, your going to need it!

This exciting film is violent, dark, brutal, exciting and often darkly comic. The ultimate female action hero steeped in ancient Irish history.

Real life 16th Century Irish Pirate queen

“Grainne Uaile – The Movie”, is an epic historical adventure based on the real life of 16th Century Irish Pirate queen, Grainne Uaile.

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