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Month: May 2016

Robin of Sherwood Knights of the Apocalypse new Trailer!

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Cult ITV drama Robin of Sherwood is back – and we have the exclusive first listen of the brand new audio drama reports the Radio Times.

30 years after the drama was last seen on TV, every surviving member of the cast has returned to record the crowd-funded new episode as an audio production.

Jason Connery, Ray Winstone, Clive Mantle and Judi Trott all return as Sherwood Forest’s outlaws, while Nickolas Grace reprises his role of the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Hear the trailer for the new drama below.

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Deirdre from the Sour: A New Irish Myth Novel By Alan Walsh article

Sour: A New Irish Myth Novel By Alan Walsh

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Deirdre from the Sour: A New Irish Myth Novel By Alan Walsh article

Deirdre from Sour

A superb Guest post by Irish author Alan Walsh about his fabulous new novel Sour.

My novel, Sour, is a retelling of the old Irish myth, Deirdre of the Sorrows. It takes the old tale and reimagines it in a modern, Irish small town, with the old heroes and characters from all four cycles of Irish mythology recast as bizarre modern locals. Fionn McCumhaill and the Fianna, for example, are a gang of youths, drinking beer and playing video games , who dabble in local matters. Cuchullain is a traveller and retired fighter, bossed by his wife Emer in their small caravan.

The tale is told by a supernatural personage, a Puca, and pretty much every scene is peopled with modern versions of the old characters. Stories like Deirdre’s are treated with a certain kind of reverence here in Ireland. When they’re staged, there’s rarely any experimentation, any fun had or anything new.

They’re still thought of as something very important to what it is to be Irish, perhaps for being something only really reclaimed in the last century with the Country’s republic. I felt, when writing Sour, that there was a huge amount of respect to be paid to the story and that the best way to do that was to recast elements to appeal to a modern readership and look at the eternal themes in a way to appeal to today’s reader; the plight of a young woman in a man’s world, young people trying to assert themselves and emigration, certainly an eternal Irish theme.

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A Roman brooch found at Llangefni - from the 1,500-year-old Ancient Cemetery found on Anglesey article

1,500-year-old Ancient Cemetery found on Anglesey

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Archaeologists digging on the site of a new road in Anglesey have unearthed an ancient cemetery and a 1,500-year-old “time capsule” reported the BBC Wales News. Some 48 early medieval graves have been discovered on the Llangefni link road site.

The “cist” graves each hold several bodies, alongside jewellery and French pottery. Iwan Parry, of Archaeoleg Brython Archaeology, said:

This is a fantastic find of national importance. A cemetery like this, where there is such good preservation, is like finding a time capsule left by a community almost 1,500 years ago.

The manner of how the remains have been preserved is amazing.

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Cadair Bronwen from the Welsh Goddesses in the Landscape of Wales article

Welsh Goddesses in the Landscape of Wales

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We are very proud to have permission to bring you this article by Cherryl Straffon from Goddess Alive about the ladies from the Mabinogion and their place in the Welsh Landscape. She says:

Welsh myth and legend is replete with Goddess figures. As recorded in The Mabinogi and other early Welsh texts, the stories of Welsh Goddesses like Rhiannon, Branwen/ Bronwen, Arianrhod, Blodeuwedd and Cerridwen have echoed down through the ages, and their tales are just as relevant today (see for example ‘Arianrhod’ by Claire Hamilton.) Given their importance to the early Celts in Wales it would not be surprising to find traces of them in the Welsh landscape, where a number of natural features are named after them. Arianrhod can be found at Caer Arianrhod, a rock 1.2km/¾mile off the west coast of North Wales.

It is all that remains of the land where the Goddess and her women attendants dwelt in a story from the Fourth branch of The Mabinogi. Her son was called Dylan, who became a sea God, and in Claire’s words, she was “a very powerful Goddess, guardian of the Seat of Poetic Inspiration and linked with the sea, the moon and the stars”. Her land was eventually inundated and all the inhabitants were drowned, but this may be later patriarchal disapproval of a free and independent Goddess-woman who shared her land with other women and had powerful magic powers.

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Kernow - Welcome to Cornwall from the Cornish-speakers speechless at Westminster cuts article

Apocalypse Kernow! Cornish-speakers speechless at Westminster cuts

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Powered by Guardian.co.ukThis article titled “Apocalypse Kernow! Cornish-speakers speechless at Westminster cuts” was written by Laura Snapes, for The Guardian on Friday 6th May 2016 10.11 UTC

Cornwall has harsh words for David Cameron in a language that he is no longer willing to support. Westminster has slashed the annual £150,000 budget for the Cornish language, without explanation and with immediate effect. Ed Rowe, AKA comedian Kernow King, calls the PM an “omgyjer glusek”, or “sticky w**ker”. But when it is estimated that fewer than 500 people speak Cornish fluently, and (at time of writing) fewer than 6,000 people have signed a petition asking the government to reconsider, the effects of the cuts aren’t immediately clear.

Steve Double, Conservative MP for St Austell and Newquay, says he can’t see how Cornwall council could have spent £650,000 it has received over the past four years, and that the language is not a priority for his electorate. But campaigners such as Loveday Jenkin, who chairs the Cornish Language Fellowship, argue that great value was extracted from the tiny sum. Core staff at Cornwall council facilitated volunteer groups, who translate road signs and documentation for the council and local businesses. Maga Kernow, the Cornish Language Partnership, offers educational resources and training. Pensans primary school, in Penzance, has been teaching Cornish since 2005, which wouldn’t have been possible without Maga, says the school’s Sarah Crummay.

“We have children from all over the world, and it’s lovely that everybody’s learning something about where they live. It’s a way of breaking down barriers, and it has cognitive and cultural benefits.”

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PRINCESS GWENLLIAN The Last Warrior Princess

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The Main Battlefield Location

Maes Gwenllian (Gwenllian’s Field) is located a mile north of the town of Kidwelly in Carmarthenshire.

It’s the site of an ancient battlefield which changed the course of local history in South West Wales.

The name of the field commemorates the bravery of Princess Gwenllian, the wife of Prince Gruffudd ap Rhys.

Welsh Kingdom of Deheubarth

During the early part of it’s history Wales was divided into individual kingdoms, each ruled by a Prince. In 1136, the rulers of the Welsh kingdom of Deheubarth were Prince Gruffudd and his wife Princess Gwenllian.

Deheubarth was one of the strongest kingdoms in Wales. Its territories included Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire, Cardigan, Gower and the western parts of Swansea. The royal court of the kingdom was based at Dinefwr, near Llandeilo.

Norman Invasion

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SP42 2016 News Update Show – New CMP Episode

Latest Episode!

We soar into 2016 with a Special News update Show to bring you all the latest News from the Celtic Myth Podshow team (that’s us, Gary & Ruthie!). In this show, you’ll also hear 6 amazing pieces of music and a small reading by Professor Roland Rotherham from his new book, Sacred Falls: Saint Nectan and the Legacy of the Dragon. The Professor is a renowned Arthurian scholar and has appeared on our Show before, We heard him give a lecture about the “Ladies of the Grail” in Special Episode No. 14. You can read all about it and listen to the show again by going to http://celticmythpodshow.com/ladiesofthegrail. We finish off with a Promo for The Mythology Podcast and hope to see you soon!

How to Listen to the News Update Show

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Titania - A Midsummer Night's Dream film with fairies from folklore

A Midsummer Night’s Dream film with fairies from folklore

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The BBC is going to show a brand new interpretation of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the end of May. It is going to feature the full effects resources of the Dr. Who team and some amazing CGI. The fairies (as you can see above) are not the wee, quaint little Victorian creatures of puff and silk that we may have previously seen. They are eldritch warriors and amoral lovers – and that is pretty much in line with how they were seen in Folklore!

Russel T. Davis, famous for his work on Doctor Who, has written a “bold and accessible” version of the Shakespearean play that may offend some of the Bard’s purist fans. Working alongside the special effects team responsible for Dr. Who, the team have put together some fairies that are quite disturbing and full of passions. This idea is much closer to traditional stories of fairy-lore, in which fairies are often quite capricious and violent.

When asked how he thought the purists would react, Russel said:

They will be perfectly happy. To be a Shakespeare purist means you’re in love with imagination and drama and truth and fun and honesty.

Really only idiots might have a problem with that. That’s what plays do they reinvent themselves constantly, for every generation, the next generation will do a new one and this is how they are meant to be done.

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