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“The Detectorists” inspire find of Medieval Manx Ring

Mr Graham discovers the ring in a field - Treasure Hunter
Mr Graham discovers the ring in a field

A silver medieval ring thought to be up to 600 years old has been unearthed by a man who took up metal detecting after watching The Detectorists, a TV sitcom reports the BBC.

The gold-gilded ring was found by Gordon Graham in a field in the north of the Isle of Man. Archaeologists believe the piece, which is engraved with geometric shapes, dates from between 1400 and 1500 AD.

An inquest hearing at Douglas Courthouse declared the ring can be officially classed as treasure. Allison Fox, a curator of archaeology at Manx National Heritage, said it may date back to the time when the first Manx laws were written, in the 1400s.

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Updates on the early Bronze Age Dartmoor Princess finds

The excavation of a prehistoric cremation burial discovered within a cist at Whitehorse Hill on northern Dartmoor has revealed nationally important remains which have captured the interest of experts from all over the country. This was the first excavation of a burial site on Dartmoor for 100 years.

This is now considered to be the most important assemblage of prehistoric grave goods ever recovered from Dartmoor and indeed from the whole of the South West of England. The survival of the organic remains is also seen to be of international importance.

This individual, whose cremated remains were placed in a cist on this remote spot on Northern Dartmoor, over four thousand years ago, was apparently of some importance to the local community. Who was it, what was their gender, what type of animal hide was used to wrap the cremated remains? The answers to these and many other questions are part of this unfolding and fascinating story which hopefully will tell us much more about the lives of prehistoric people on Dartmoor and the landscape they lived in. 

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Robin of Sherwood Knights of the Apocalypse new Trailer!

Latest Episode!

Cult ITV drama Robin of Sherwood is back – and we have the exclusive first listen of the brand new audio drama reports the Radio Times.

30 years after the drama was last seen on TV, every surviving member of the cast has returned to record the crowd-funded new episode as an audio production.

Jason Connery, Ray Winstone, Clive Mantle and Judi Trott all return as Sherwood Forest’s outlaws, while Nickolas Grace reprises his role of the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Hear the trailer for the new drama below.

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Titania - A Midsummer Night's Dream film with fairies from folklore

A Midsummer Night’s Dream film with fairies from folklore

Latest Episode!

The BBC is going to show a brand new interpretation of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the end of May. It is going to feature the full effects resources of the Dr. Who team and some amazing CGI. The fairies (as you can see above) are not the wee, quaint little Victorian creatures of puff and silk that we may have previously seen. They are eldritch warriors and amoral lovers – and that is pretty much in line with how they were seen in Folklore!

Russel T. Davis, famous for his work on Doctor Who, has written a “bold and accessible” version of the Shakespearean play that may offend some of the Bard’s purist fans. Working alongside the special effects team responsible for Dr. Who, the team have put together some fairies that are quite disturbing and full of passions. This idea is much closer to traditional stories of fairy-lore, in which fairies are often quite capricious and violent.

When asked how he thought the purists would react, Russel said:

They will be perfectly happy. To be a Shakespeare purist means you’re in love with imagination and drama and truth and fun and honesty.

Really only idiots might have a problem with that. That’s what plays do they reinvent themselves constantly, for every generation, the next generation will do a new one and this is how they are meant to be done.

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Scottish warlord may have helped save Welsh on the Llyn Peninsula from Irish invaders

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Scientists may have discovered a link between the Picts and North Wales

Scientists may have discovered a link between the Picts and North Wales

New evidence shows a Scottish warlord may have helped save Welsh on the Llyn Peninsula from Irish invaders. If you missed it at the end of last year (2015), S4C broadcast a new TV series, called DNA Cymru which shows the results of new research into Welsh and Scottish DNA. The research was carried out as part of ScotlandsDNA – a project tracing the ancestry of the Scottish people – and the forerunner of a similar project now tracing the ancestry of the Welsh – CymruDNAWales.

The fresh scientific research has given added support to the theory mentioned in the Historia Brittonum in which a 9th century chronicler and monk, Nennius, in Wales, described a rescue.

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