Pictish Palace on Rhynie Man Pictish Stone site found in Aberdeenshire – Repost

We’ve managed to find one of our old News articles that had been lost after our database crash, so would like to bring it back to you. BBC Scotland reports that archaeologists excavating a field in Aberdeenshire where standing stones were found believe they have uncovered the entrance to a Pictish palace. The University of Aberdeen team is digging at a site where the so-called Rhynie Man stone was discovered in the 1970s.

The Rhynie Man Pictish Stone site

The settlement is thought to be an Iron Age Royal fort. Dr Gordon Noble said Pictish items had been found, as well as structures.

He described the discoveries as:

Fantastic evidence.

More can be heard about the excavation on BBC Radio Scotland’s Out For The Weekend on Friday between 14:00 and 16:00.


The Rhynie Man Pictish Stone

Eight Pictish symbol stones have been found at Rhynie, including the “Rhynie Man”, a 6 foot tall boulder carved with a bearded man carrying an axe, possibly a representation of the Celtic god Esus, that was discovered in 1978. The “Rhynie Man” now stands inside Woodhill House (the headquarters of Aberdeenshire Council ) in Aberdeen.

In 2011 archaeological excavations at Rhynie, near the site of the “Rhynie Man”, by archaeologists from Aberdeen University and Chester University uncovered a substantial fortified settlement dating to the early medieval period. Among the finds at the site were fragments of a late 5th or 6th century Roman amphora that must have been imported from the Mediterranean region. This is significant as it is the only known example of a Roman amphora from Eastern Britain dating to the post-Roman period, and indicates that the inhabitants of the settlement must have been of high status. Archaeologists working at the excavation have speculated that the settlement may have been a royal site occupied by Pictish kings. [wiki]

More About Dr. Gordon Noble

Dr Gordon Noble, has undertaken landscape research and directed field projects across Scotland. He has worked on a wide range of landscapes and archaeology projects from the Mesolithic to Medieval periods. He was director and co-founder of Strathearn & Royal Forteviot (SERF), a successful archaeological project researching a site that became one of Scotland’s early royal centres. He now works on a major project funded by the University of Aberdeen Development Trust researching the post-Roman societies of northern Britain called ‘The Northern Picts’. Gordon has also worked on AHRC funded projects on topics from the third millennium BC to 19th century rural settlements at Bennachie and works with the National Trust for Scotland on hunter-gatherer landscapes in upper Deeside. Public engagement is a big part of his research and to date three major exhibitions of the work of Northern Picts has been on display at the Tarbat Discovery Centre and King’s Museum, Aberdeen. Northern Picts research has also featured on BBC 4 ‘Digging for Britain’ and many other media venues.

Since completing his PhD in 2004, Gordon has held a temporary lectureship in Durham (2004-5) and from 2005-8 undertook postdoctoral research on the perception of the forested environment in the Neolithic at the University of Glasgow. Gordon was appointed as lecturer to the department at Aberdeen in July 2008 and in 2012 Senior Lecturer. He is also a Honorary Curatorial Fellow to the University Museums. [Aberdeen Uni]


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