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Titania - A Midsummer Night's Dream film with fairies from folklore

A Midsummer Night’s Dream film with fairies from folklore

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The BBC is going to show a brand new interpretation of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the end of May. It is going to feature the full effects resources of the Dr. Who team and some amazing CGI. The fairies (as you can see above) are not the wee, quaint little Victorian creatures of puff and silk that we may have previously seen. They are eldritch warriors and amoral lovers – and that is pretty much in line with how they were seen in Folklore!

Russel T. Davis, famous for his work on Doctor Who, has written a “bold and accessible” version of the Shakespearean play that may offend some of the Bard’s purist fans. Working alongside the special effects team responsible for Dr. Who, the team have put together some fairies that are quite disturbing and full of passions. This idea is much closer to traditional stories of fairy-lore, in which fairies are often quite capricious and violent.

When asked how he thought the purists would react, Russel said:

They will be perfectly happy. To be a Shakespeare purist means you’re in love with imagination and drama and truth and fun and honesty.

Really only idiots might have a problem with that. That’s what plays do they reinvent themselves constantly, for every generation, the next generation will do a new one and this is how they are meant to be done.

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Grainne Uaile still

Grainne Uaile, the toughest Pirate Queen strides out of Irish History

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This winter “Grainne Uaile – The movie” will be released from its ship in Ireland and sailing the festival circuits. A 3 hour epic, written and directed by Ciaron Davies and starring Fionnuala Collins as the infamous pirate queen, the movie was shot on location all over Ireland, North and south, on land and sea.

A violent and gritty retelling of the life of Grainne Uaile, the 16th century Pirate Queen from Ireland. She was a fighter, a pirate and a tough woman, carving her mark in a mans world. Director Ciaron Davies said:

We wanted to create a strong female driven movie. Often women in film are seen as the victim or the love interest. This movie is different. Grainne is
tough, brutal, uncompromising and intelligent. She is also feminine and stylish. This is a very empowering female. The men in the world around her are all uniquely interesting, helping to create a rich tapestry of life in 16th century Ireland.

Bring a sword, your going to need it!

This exciting film is violent, dark, brutal, exciting and often darkly comic. The ultimate female action hero steeped in ancient Irish history.

Real life 16th Century Irish Pirate queen

“Grainne Uaile – The Movie”, is an epic historical adventure based on the real life of 16th Century Irish Pirate queen, Grainne Uaile.

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